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Paul C

Vorna Valley

Paul C

Vorna Valley, Midrand

I'm very experienced and well-qualified in Mathematics and Statistics at various levels of teaching & learning and I possess the following traits: Analytical –professionally logical, systematic and rule-oriented in gathering, reviewing and evaluating data from a variety of perspectives Communication and presentation – good ability to listen attentively, present information in a clear manner and respond appropriately to the verbal and written communication of others plus the capacity to present information to students or audience in a way that effectively conveys information and intent Technical – highly capable of performing technical duties to the required standards and always keen to learn new technological developments esp. MS Office applications in order to remain abreast of developments in the specialist field and continuously improve and explain my knowledge and skills Developing people – strong ability to select talent and encourage students’ personal and professional development (including coaching and mentoring competence) Investigative orientation – good capacity to ask questions, plan ahead and make effective use of resources and research relevant information that yield expert opinions Drive, energy and initiative – I’m a strong positive impression, self-starter and goal oriented professional who maintains high levels of activity and consistently produces high quality outputs and is always dissatisfied with below or average performance Assertiveness- ability to hold my own in the face of opposition and exert my influence confidently and firmly i.e. taking charge when necessary

Teaches: Statistics, Pure Maths
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