About us

While teaching children part-time in 2015, Our Co-Founder Carla-Mari Moore experienced first hand the difficulties that students face struggling to achieve their academic goals. Wanting to make a difference, We created Gutsy Tutoring which evolved into Turtlejar. For every lesson that Turtlejar provides to a student, a portion of that is given to students and children in need of education throughout South Africa.


Teaching to Make a Change

Your involvement in Turtlejar means you are making a difference to an underprivileged child in SA.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create opportunities for all of our amazing students and parents to be a part of our dream and make an impact in the lives of those that are in desperate need of education.

Education is for all

Education in South Africa is a right that should be available to everyone. Our business model is designed so that all of our clients that work with Turtlejar allow for a bigger and greater change within SA.

Your Impact

Your impact is helping to make a change in communities where so many children are seeking an education, but have not been afforded the opportunities the rest of us have. Be a part of the Teaching to make a Change Movement today.

About Us

Gutsy Tutoring started in 2015 and eventually transformed into Turtlejar. Turtlejar connects you to the highest performing local tutors to help you achieve your desired goals while eliminating any signs of fear in your subject. Starting with only a handful of tutors in Cape Town, we now provide jobs to hundreds of tutors throughout South Africa. The growth of Turtlejar has allowed the company to tackle a problem in South Africa that needs to be addressed by small, medium and large companies. This is the unfortunate lack of quality and fair education to children in many parts of our country.

Join us and help make an difference to children that are eager to learn and grow. Simply by taking lessons and working with Turtlejar, you are leaving behind a valuable footprint in someone's life. From your purchase of lessons, we allocate a portion and see that it is distributed to various humanitarian and educational organisations that incorporate these funds into resources; sponsoring school fees, food, books and many other necessities. Follow our journey with us as we shed light each month on the projects we are involved in.


  • Academic & Hobbie Achievements
  • Goal Setting and Attainment
  • Self-Confidence and Growth
  • Recover from the fear of failure in specific subjects
  • Proactive help to ensure success
  • Skill Improvement for future studies or jobs

Wise words!

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. 

John Holmes