About us

While teaching children part-time in 2015, Our Co-Founder Carla-Mari Moore experienced first hand the difficulties that students face struggling to achieve their academic goals. Wanting to make a difference, We created Gutsy Tutoring which evolved into Turtlejar, which has now become a multifaceted company, offering services in various industries.

About Us

Gutsy Tutoring started in 2015 and eventually transformed into Turtlejar Tutors. Turtlejar connects you to the highest performing local tutors to help you achieve your desired goals while eliminating any signs of fear in your subjects. Starting with only a handful of tutors in Cape Town, we now provide jobs to hundreds of tutors throughout the whole of South Africa. The growth of Turtlejar has allowed or company to provide jobs to thousands of tutors over the years, many of which have been able to pay off student loans or pay their studies while working. The success rate of our students over the years has also been phenomenal and the positive feedback is simply amazing. We are blessed every day to do what we do and see how both our tutors and students grow and achieve their goals.

This journey has provided so many opportunities and opened up new avenues for us to explore. Turtlejar has become a platform for various services that afford our clients peace of mind on numerous levels. Need help with your move and your post move clean? Turtlejar is here for you. Require someone to take care of those pesky bugs or fix a broken pipe? Call us. From tutoring to plumbing to taking extra care of transporting your personal items to your new home, we cover a wide range of services to make your life easier and take the stress out of your day. Our teams are dedicated, hard working, fun people who strive to excel in their industry and provide the best service to our clients, every day.


  • Academic & Hobbie Achievements
  • Goal Setting and Attainment
  • Self-Confidence and Growth
  • Recover from the fear of failure in specific subjects
  • Proactive help to ensure success
  • Skill Improvement for future studies or jobs

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There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. 

John Holmes