School Tutoring Support

We are the best in helping school students achieve their results while eliminating the fear of failure forever.

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Homework Help

We help with homework difficulties and target the deeper issues at hand.

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Exam Preparation

Our Exam Prep experts help you to feel totaly confident in getting your desired results.

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Study Help & Technique

Our trained instructors work with you on an individual personalised basis to achieve the best technique for studying.

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1 to 1 Tutoring

Our in-person or online tutors are of the highest caliber in the country and you will only get the best tutor suited to your child.

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Primary School Tutoring

We have expert tutors that will help your child succeed in their primary school studies in order to ensure that the fundamental building blocks of their education are cemented. Grades R-7 form the core foundation of all future studies and academic success, and with the right tutor your child will always be on track sand confident in themselves and their abilities.

  • Grade R to Grade 2
  • Grade 3 to Grade 5
  • Grade 6 & Grade 7
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High School Tutoring

Achieving those top marks is vital in high school as these crucial years all lead up to your child's Tertiary education and their choice of institute. Gaining acceptance into the University and Course of your choice has become increasingly more difficult, but with our help your child will be on their way. Our team of Top notch tutors equip their students with the tools necessary to manage their time, studies, prep for tests and exams and conquer any subject with ease.

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Boost your grades with Turtlejar Tutors

Lessons Tailored to Your Needs

We match you with a tutor based on personality, skills, education & experience because each student is different and needs the tutor best suited to their individual thinking style. Lessons are planned and executed to match each student's cognitive style and abilities, bringing out only the best in each session.

We're Here for You

Our tutors are available 7 days a week as well as after hours to fit in with your schedule, current studies and holidays. We are dedicated to providing you with a hands on personalised service that will always have you feeling supported and in control when it comes to your studies.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Gauranteed happiness with your first tutoring lesson - or the lesson is free! Your postive learning experience is our number 1 priority as we know the importance of a great tutoring session and the difference it can make. Our Turtlejar advisors are on hand for your guidance and here to help with any questions you may have.

Most Popular School Subjects

Here are some of our popular subjects that parents enquire about on behalf of their children.

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