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Nokuthula L

Allen Grove

Nokuthula L

Allen Grove, Kempton Park

My Master's journey has developed my philosophy of valuing each person as an individual. I aim to give every learner as many learning opportunities and experiences as possible in order to engage, motivate and prepare them for future life. I am a passionate and professional tutor with experience in teaching high school, university, and adult learners. Through my experience, I have learned to be an expert in listening and paying detail attention to learners. With my responsive thinking, patience, sensitivity, strong self-motivation, and enthusiasm, I aim to always pass on all that I have learned to the learners. My tutoring experience has taught me to be patient, to speak and explain clearly what I am expecting the learners to do and to check their understanding. This has improved my clarity, an important skill for a tutor. I have in particular come to understand the value of sharing learning objectives and success criteria with learners. When I prepare lessons I make a conscious effort to ensure that I am not just catering for visual learners like myself, but try to see lessons through other learners’ eyes. I believe that my enthusiasm and love for teaching does and will contribute a lasting impression to a person life My varied educational and professional background offers me a unique platform to teach and relate creatively with any age group. I teach with interest and open-mindedness to make learning fun, enjoyable and a journey of discovery along with my students. I also possess excellent interpersonal skills that allow me to build great relationships across diverse cultures. Education background - Masters degree in Philosophy

Teaches: Zulu, Economics, Biology
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