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We are the best in helping university students achieve their results while eliminating the fear of failure forever.

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All Course Modules Assistance

We provide expert tutors for all South African University courses.

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Exam Preparation

Our Exam Prep experts help you prep for your exams and achieve those results.

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Study Help & Technique

Our trained instructors are here to teach you the best study techniques to obtain those results.

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Every Year of Uni Covered

Our in-person or online tutors are of the highest caliber in the country and here to assist you in every year of your studies.

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Year One & Two of University

Our team of top notch tutors will get you through those first years of University & make the transition from high school to Tertiary studies a breeze. The level of advanced material at University level can be tricky and become very stressful. Let us help you sail through those first 2 years and achieve the marks you need to move onto your final and Honours years with confidence and awesome results.

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3rd, 4th and Postgrad Years

The final years of any Degree are tough and the workload is pretty intense. By working with one of our 3rd and 4th year specialist tutors you will learn how to manage your time, navigate your studies and pass those exams. Need help with your Thesis and making sure you're on the right track? We cover that too. Ask us today how we can help you achieve your very best.

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Take Control of your Marks and Exams

Lessons Tailored to Your Needs

We match you with a tutor based on personality, skills, education & experience. Our University tutors help students with the modules they excelled in, making it easy and enjoyable to pass those exams. Lessons are planned and executed to match each student's cognitive style and abilities, enabling them to feel confident & achieve their best.

We're Here for You

Our tutors are available 7 days a week as well as after hours to fit in with your schedule, current studies and holidays. We are dedicated to providing you with a hands on personalised service that will always have you feeling supported and in control when it comes to your studies.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Gauranteed happiness with your first tutoring lesson - or the lesson is free! Your positive learning experience is our number 1 priority as we know the importance of a great tutoring session and the difference it can make. Our team of Turtlejar advisors are on hand and here to help with any queries you may have.

Most Popular University Subjects

We cover all University subjects including the popular ones below

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