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Dominic N - Tutor in Castle Hill

I am an open-minded, free-thinking individual that enjoys problem solving and helping others achieve their goals. I tutor high school students and volunteer for the Durban & Coast SPCA when the opportunity arises. I take keen interest in current news and the business environment within South Africa and the world. I believe that the key to success is creating a culture of sustainability, especially within the Tourism and Hospitality sector. I am an avid supporter of saving and conserving the environment, being eco-friendly in the way I live and encouraging others to do so. I believe that education is the most important and valuable investment we could make for ourselves and that one should never stop being a student. I wish to pursue a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Tourism or an MBA one day.

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2016 - 2016
Bachelor's (other) Business Studies - Durban University of Technology

2016 - 2016
Bachelor's (other) Business Management - Durban University of Technology