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Jana S


Phuluso M


Phuluso M

Sunnyside, Pretoria

Apart from achieving A level results is high school for the said subject (IGCSE and As syllabus). I have published a short story and have more than three years experience tutoring literature and running a literature society at the University. I am also in the process of writing my first ever full fantasy novel.

Teaches: Study Skills, Molecular and Cellular Biology, English Language, Primary School, Natural Sciences, Physical Science, Chemistry, Biology, Calculus, Pure Maths, Math, English, Writing, English Literature
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Rene' O


Rene' O

Grosvenor, Bluff

I have my TEFL and PGCE and have studied English at university level. English is my native language and I have a natural gift with teaching and understanding English. I am gifted with English speaking and spelling

Teaches: TEFL, Primary School, Psychology, Mentoring, English Language, Business, English as a foreign Language, English, Economics
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Kevin R

Nova Constantia

Kevin R

Nova Constantia, Cape Town

3rd year Math,Applied Math and Comp Science Graduate from UCT 1. Started my own successful online camera business in 2009 in the UK 10+ years experience running www.dslrastromod.co.uk with over 100+ sales of modded Canon DSLR packages internationally to Europe, US and Canada and Australia. 2. Self taught seasoned Astro Photographer and amateur photographer 3. Currently studying towards Hons. in Cosmology part time 4. 30 years industry experience in IT and related technologies

Teaches: Math, TEFL, Modern History, Photography, Numeracy, English Language, General Science, Computing and ICT, Physics and Astronomy, Physics, Physical Science, Science, Computer Programming, Microsoft Excel, Computer, General Maths & Science, Mathematics Literacy, Mathematics, Calculus, Algebra, Linear Algebra, Statistics, Further Maths, Trigonometry
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