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Sebete M - Tutor in Rondebosch

I am experienced Math and Physical tutor for students from grade 7 to grade 12 with the experience of over two years now in SA syllabus. I have good record with high school students that I worked with and those I am still working with so should you need my service or questions due to curiosity, you're welcome to throw it to my mail box. Otherwise see you in the session in the future. Enjoy your day :).

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Teaching places

My Home, Students Home, Public Place, and Online

Travelling distance

Sebete will travel 20km from Rondebosch, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Languages spoken

Sebete speaks English and Southern Sotho

2018-07-02 - 2019-12-25

Teaching assistantship

2014-08-03 - 2015-08-20

Teaching Assistantship

2020-02-04 - 2020-12-16
University of Cape Towb

Teaching Assistantship

2018-01-01 - 2020-05-01
MSc Chemical Engineering candidate - University of Cape Town

I am doing research masters in the centre for catalysis research

2010-05-09 - 2015-08-26
BSc Chemical Technology - National University of Lesotho

Chemical Technology degree completed with merit in the last year

Subjects taught
  • Mathematics

    I did both A level and O level mathematics in high school and college. I was pretty good wit both (minimum of B). Should you be struggling with the numbers e.g. integrations, differentiation, limits, trigonometry (it was my best topic) and algebra in general, hit me with a text and I promise you that I will revenge with awesome tutorial sessions.

    Sebete teaches Mathematics at High School level(s)

  • Physical Science

    High school physichem was my best combo so I will absolutely enjoy rewinding my memories with you. I was a candidate for the best physichem. student at Molapo High school in 2008 and quite frankly I don't think it will be a challenge for me. Of course making you absolutely understand it will be the challenge which I have dealt with anyway.

    Sebete teaches Physical Science at High School level(s)

  • Chemical Engineering

    I am currently completing MSc in Chem. Eng. in the university of Cape Town. In addition to my own research work, I have work as a teaching assistant in the department, initially tutoring the first year chem. eng. students and secondly tutoring the second and third year students in the lab.

    Sebete teaches Chemical Engineering at High School and University/College level(s)

  • Chemistry

    I am a chemical technologist, a major in applied chemistry. Chemistry was my favorite course which actually caused me to extend in to chemical engineering and chemical technology which are basically the application of chemistry. You need the crack that knows more than a chemist, you want to talk to me. I barely disappoint.

    Sebete teaches Chemistry at High School, Primary School, University/College, and Adult level(s)

  • English Language

    I have an expert writer as my research supervisor. As a result, I got my writing skills pretty good. My language (speaking and writing) and accent are good as well. In addition, I have spent a number of years fine-tuning my English to help myself. How fun will it be to finally help you ?

    Sebete teaches English Language at High School, Primary School, University/College, and Adult level(s)