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Daniel O - Tutor in Parktown

I'm a happy-go-lucky guy, grew up mostly in Rustenburg but my family now resides in Limpopo. I currently attend the Wits University and I am doing my second year in Medicine. I'm a very sociable and open person and communication is comes quite naturally for me. I enjoy jogging and working out generally, taking leisure walks, listening to music (I'm open to all genres) and getting to know people and their backgrounds. My parents played a role in the profession I'm pursuing (My father being a doctor and my mother a nurse) but the deciding factor hinged on the fact that i genuinely believe I thoroughly enjoy being in a position to help people and medicine is a perfect outlet for me to do this in a practical way.

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2014 - 2014
Other Pure Maths - Fields College High School

2014 - 2014
Other English Language - Fields College High School

2014 - 2014
Other Biology - Fields College High School

2014 - 2014
Other Accountancy - Fields College High School