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Chistelle V - Tutor in Wierdapark

I've been afforded the privilege of music lessons from a very young age and I still experience the value and positive impact this had on my academic, personal and professional life. I currently run MoveIt Meerkats, a business I built ground-up. My goal is to share my passion for music and teaching with as many families, care takers and pre-school children as possible. My music qualifications (all from UNISA): Piano Grade VIII, Organ Grade VIII, Theory of Music Grade VI, Voice Grade VI, Recorder Grade III I am a mountain biker and belly dancer. Passionate about Italian cooking, colour, travelling, friends (old and new) & family! I've participated in various CSI projects, closest to my heart the sustainable initiatives that brings joy and smiles to children’s faces. I live every day to be the best me that I can be. Feel free to check my profile out: https://za.linkedin.com/in/christelle-vermaak-6638647

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1993 - 1993
Bachelor's (other) Piano - University of South Africa

1992 - 1992
Bachelor's (other) Music Theory - University of South Africa

1995 - 1995
Bachelor's (other) Music Performance - University of South Africa

2007 - 2007
Bachelor's (other) Music Performance - University of South Africa