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Krystal V


Krystal V

Cotswold, Port Elizabeth

I can assist with any psychology subject at university degree level. I managed to obtain over 80% average (cum laud) for my degree and covered the following modules: - DISTINCTION: Social Psychology (PYC3701) - DISTINCTION: Psychological Research (PYC3704) - DISTINCTION: Community Psychology (PYC3716) - DISTINCTION: Abnormal Behaviour and Mental Health (PYC3702) - DISTINCTION: Cognition thinking, memory and problem solving (PYC3703) - DISTINCTION: Inclusive Education A (ETH302S) - DISTINCTION: Transformative Counselling (PYC3705) - DISTINCTION: Sexual Trauma (MGG2602) - DISTINCTION: Personality Theories (PYC2601) - DISTINCTION: Child and adolescent development (PYC2602) - DISTINCTION: Community Psychology (PYC2604) - DISTINCTION: Basic Measurement and Questionnaire design (PYC2606) - DISTINCTION: Adult development and ageing (PYC2603) - DISTINCTION: HIV/ AIDS Care and Counselling (PYC2605) - DISTINCTION: Research Methods in Social Sciences (RSC2601) - DISTINCTION: Language through an African Lens (AFL1501) - DISTINCTION: The Anthropological Study (APY1501) - DISTINCTION: Basic Psychology (PYC1501) - DISTINCTION: Psychology in Society (PYC1502) - DISTINCTION: Criminology: Crime, Offenders and Criminal Behaviour (CMY1501) - DISTINCTION: Criminology: Victims and Reduction of Crime (CMY1502) - DISTINCTION: The Learning Child (ETH102L) - PASS: The Explanation of Crime (CMY3701) - PASS: Crime Typologies (CMY3702) - PASS: Contemporary Criminology (CMY3706) - PASS: New Religious Movements (RST2603) - PASS: Marriage and Guidance Counselling (MGG2601) - PASS: Critical Reasoning (PLS2601) - PASS: Foundations in English Literary Studies (ENG1501) - PASS: Foundations in English Language Studies (ENG1502)

Teaches: Psychology, English skills, English, Grammar, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, English Literature
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