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Nokuthula L - Tutor in Allen Grove

My Master's journey has developed my philosophy of valuing each person as an individual. I aim to give every learner as many learning opportunities and experiences as possible in order to engage, motivate and prepare them for future life. I am a passionate and professional tutor with experience in teaching high school, university, and adult learners. Through my experience, I have learned to be an expert in listening and paying detail attention to learners. With my responsive thinking, patience, sensitivity, strong self-motivation, and enthusiasm, I aim to always pass on all that I have learned to the learners. My tutoring experience has taught me to be patient, to speak and explain clearly what I am expecting the learners to do and to check their understanding. This has improved my clarity, an important skill for a tutor. I have in particular come to understand the value of sharing learning objectives and success criteria with learners. When I prepare lessons I make a conscious effort to ensure that I am not just catering for visual learners like myself, but try to see lessons through other learners’ eyes. I believe that my enthusiasm and love for teaching does and will contribute a lasting impression to a person life My varied educational and professional background offers me a unique platform to teach and relate creatively with any age group. I teach with interest and open-mindedness to make learning fun, enjoyable and a journey of discovery along with my students. I also possess excellent interpersonal skills that allow me to build great relationships across diverse cultures. Education background - Masters degree in Philosophy

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Nokuthula will travel 50km from Allen Grove, Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa

Languages spoken

Nokuthula speaks Afrikaans, Zulu, English, Xhosa, Southern Sotho, Northern Sotho, Tswana, Swati, and Ndebele

07/01/2016 - 12/29/2017
Marketing Manager

Results-driven marketing manager with 8 years of responsible experience driving product strategy and execution for multinational companies. Professional differentiators include a sophisticated understanding of marketing and finance that enables successful product-strategy development with a focus on profitability; ability to anticipate market trends and initiate timely product development and introduction. A savvy team player and leader experienced in spearheading high-impact strategic and tactical programs that establish branding and market dominance. Outstanding communications skills with the ability to relate to and work with diverse people. Excellent at building consensus among internal and external business partners.

01/15/2019 - 11/30/2020
Masters in Marketing - IMM Graduate School of Marketing

I am a masters student and currently busy with my dissertation. My topic is around the effect of social media marketing on businesses in the 21st century in South Africa

Subjects taught
  • Zulu

    I am a native IsiZulu speaker, having grown up in KwaDukuza and studied IsiZulu first language throughout my school life. I have received very high marks in isiZulu in all my grades. In addition, I have been an IsiZulu tutor for almost a year and understand the intricacies, and challenges of teaching a language to individuals who are not natural speakers of that language

    Nokuthula teaches Zulu at Adult level(s)

  • Economics

    I am an economics graduate and have taught High school up to University students I had enjoyed my university days where I was an economics student learning to solve complex economic problems. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of economics with students and it excites me to see them experiencing a clearer understanding of how the world functions economically. I have had the privilege of being an economics tutor with Gutsy, tutoring students ranging from high school to university and have received amazing results from all of them

    Nokuthula teaches Economics at University/College level(s)

  • Biology

    I have an in-depth knowledge of the subject from my school days where I always achieved great results compounded with my medical background. I have taught my fellow students and other healthcare professionals issues of anatomy and physiology in most of my healthcare career

    Nokuthula teaches Biology at High School level(s)