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Ria W

Costa Da Gama

Ria W

Costa Da Gama, Cape Town

Ever since I can remember I naturally ended up teaching individuals things that I understood well. Friends often asking me in high school to help them with subjects they were struggling with (Maths & Science). It was the same at University - I helped friends to understand Psychometric calculations in Industrial psychology as well as computers (confidence in using computers for the first time, as well as formulas in Microsoft Excel. When I first arrived in the Uk I took a datacapturing job however soon started helping everyone in computers as many of them were struggling with using the Microsoft office packages. It was of no surprise that I went on to do part time studies in the Microsoft office packages and completed the Master MOUSE qualification (Microsoft Office User specialist to advanced level). From there I progressed on to becoming a High school teacher in computers (in job training and qualified at Brunel University, London, Uk) I taught for 7 years in a high school in London. I relocated to South Africa and have been a stay-at home mom until the beginning of this year as my daughter is now attending pre-school. I had four years in which I imparted many skills to my daugher including creating a good foundation in Afrikaans and English. My daughter is four years old and she is fully bilingual. As my daughter is now attending school I really would like to get back into teaching and I am particularly interested in tutoring as I really enjoy one-on-one teaching.

Teaches: Dutch, SAT (College Admission Exam), Guitar, Special Needs Help, English skills, GCSE (general), Business Management, Numeracy, English Language and Literature, Afrikaans, Accountancy, Computing and ICT, English as a foreign Language, Mathematics
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