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I am 44 years of age, divorced father of 5 (4 adopted, 1 own child). I did business studies, up to MBA (University of Pretoria). My English and Mathematics skills are at highest levels since i come from a 23 year employment career, 13 years of which was in management; in 8 of those years, I was in Senior management roles, where i wouldn't be if my English and Mathematics skills were low. While employed at Kraft Foods in Isando during the period 2010 - 2013, I used to assist with the Abet program there on an informal basis. I even commissioned English literacy training for 8 members of my team. I also used to assist those team members with their on the job assignments; they all completed the program and they are using those skill to this day. In 2015, I was certified as a Supply Chain Professional by an American institute called APICS (www.apics.org). This means that on top of my business acumen (from the MBA plus my working experience), I am also a Supply Chain master. This, I believe is a value add to any organisation that would like to utilize my skills. I am a preacher at church, therefore I spend a lot of my Sundays in front of people, engaging them in topics of interest to them. I enjoy standing in front of people, presenting ideas to them, be it formal or informal. I enjoy interacting with groups of people for a common goal; best of all I enjoy fielding questions that challenge my levels of understanding on a certain topic.

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2004 - 2004
Bachelor's (other) Business Management - Damelin

2004 - 2004
Bachelor's (other) Business Management - Damelin

2006 - 2006
BA Business Studies - University of Pretoria

2010 - 2010
Bachelor's (other) Business Management - University of Pretoria