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I am a 26 year old man with ambition. I have a degree (B.ENG Civil Engineering) in Civil Engineering from the University of Pretoria and work as a full time Civil Engineer in the Dams and Hydropower department of AECOM. I graduated in 2014 and started working for AECOM directly after I finished my studies. I am a very motivated teacher and always enjoy helping students develop their Science and Math skils. I have a very good knowledge of Physics and Mathematics due to my Civil Engineering degree and I work with these principles every day. I am a very active person who loves playing all sports but especially Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis and Swimming. I recieved provincial colours for Swimming and Hockey at school. I also enjoy playing Golf and scuba diving in my spare time. I am engaged to be married in December 2016 and am therefore very motivated and driven to teach so that I can pay off my study debt before I get married.

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