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Montenique H - Tutor in Eldoraigne

While completing my BCom (Law) and LLB degrees, I learnt a lot about myself and the fact that I was invited to join the Golden Key Society, as well as appearing on the Dean’s List of Merit and achieving the highest marks for Sports Law 420 and Cyber Law 420, greatly reinforced my belief that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I can also proudly say that I have been admitted as an attorney in January of last year after completing a year of articles and 6 months of evening classes for law school. It took a lot of dedication and long hours and it was indeed tiring; however, it has been worth it in the end. It had brought me closer to accomplishing my dream of being an attorney. I am also currently completing my master’s degree at the University of Pretoria, specialising in Consumer Protection, as I am passionate about the law and helping others. I therefore believe that I have the duty to impart my knowledge and skills to future generations of law students.

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2011 - 2011
Bachelor's (other) Law - University of Pretoria