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Debbie D - Tutor in Hilton

My name is Debbie de Beer. I am down to earth, fun and enjoy teaching. I like activities and learning to be fun and memorable. I have taught all subjects from Gr 4 to Gr9. I enjoy Science, Geography, Mathematics, English, Life Orientation and Art. I love sports, cycling, art, music and online gaming.

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Debbie speaks Afrikaans and English

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BEd Degree in Education Intermediate and Senior Phase. Coaching Science Diploma Worked in many schoold since 2014 - present. Coached various sports and taught various subjects
Subjects taught
  • General Maths & Science

    I was never great at Mathematics when I was in school. I eventually dropped it in Gr9. When I started studying for you degree I majored in Maths. I didn't want to miss a subject because I didn't do it at school. I did the subject and loved it. Its easy once it gets explained to you in the way you understand it. Science is great. It's interesting, amazing and mind blowing. It teaches you so much about the world, chemicals, animals etc that you would have learnt in general.

    Debbie teaches General Maths & Science at Primary School level(s)

  • Geography

    I love Geography and the amount of freedom you have for activities. There is so much you can experience off the paper. Like going to a river, mountain, dam, lakes etc. Experiencing Geography first-hand and physically seeing and touching object allows you to learn so much more.

    Debbie teaches Geography at Primary School level(s)

  • Guitar

    I love guitar. I have taught myself how to play. Persistence, patients and practice will get you a long way. I love all kinds of genre music and I love playing in a band and get together with friends and play music togethe.

    Debbie teaches Guitar at Primary School level(s)

  • English skills

    I enjoy English. Especially creative writing, poetry and language. It's a great way to use your imagination and come up with anything you want by using the correct grammar and language. Creative writing takes you away to a different world and many adventures while poetry sends you back to 1900s and to the true birth of English writing.

    Debbie teaches English skills at Primary School level(s)