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Nicolaas Dirk V


Nicolaas Dirk V

Rietfontein, Pretoria

I am a hardworking, conscientious and caring person with extensive knowledge of offering advice, support, rehabilitation, guidance and learning therapy to clients who have experienced trauma, hardship or learning difficulties. I have a proven ability to empathise with individuals, whilst retaining an objective and realistic approach to their learning skills and learning difficulties. I am good at conceptualising and organising things. I am comfortable working and communicating with people from all backgrounds. I have got patience with a calm manner. I also have experience of working with young people and vulnerable adults. I have developed a mature attitude and personality towards general life aspects and life outlooks, as well as developing and obtaining a person centered approach towards learning therapy and counselling. I am keen to find a challenging position within an ambitious working and teaching environment, where I will be able to continue to increase my work experience and develop my learning abilities. I see problems as the only doorway to creative solutions and I am able, as well as confident and flexible to adapt to new challenging work circumstances. I can work well under pressure, alone or as a member of a group. I am highly motivated and passionate to accept responsibilities and to gain exposure in a climate of continuous learning, as I believe that it is of crucial and vital importance to engage in future self-development. Regarding my hobbies, I enjoy collecting old middle age structures and enjoy reading any type of inspirational, motivating and realistic kind of life lesson books. I also enjoy taking part in tennis, ringtennis/tenniquoit, jogging and swimming as a physical sport; I love to do gardening in my free time and also enjoy watching rugby, tennis and cricket as a social sport, during my own free relaxation time. I know I could do a proper job as professional tutor, if given the golden opportunity to prove myself. I believe there is a lot to be said for a teachable, learning and positive growing willing attitude. I am looking forward to learning, while working with the guidelines of your company and aim to understand the long term goals and objectives, so that I can best service its interest and commit to bringing them about.

Teaches: Criminology, Psychology, Physiology, English Language and Literature, Mathematics
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