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Thanisha S

Reservoir Hills

Thanisha S

Reservoir Hills, Durban

**Honours (Psychology) - University of South Africa(UNISA)** **Subjects:** First Year: * Psychopathology * Community and Healthy Psychology * Developmental Psychology (Adult) * Research Methodology Second Year: * Ecosystemic Psychology * Psychological Assessment * Therapeutic Psychology * Research Report Third Year (extra non degree subjects): * Personology * Sport Psychology * Cognitive Neuroscience **BA (HSSS) - Bachelors Degree in Human Sciences and Social Services (Psychological Counselling) - University of South Africa(UNISA)** Subjects: First Year: * Psychology in Society * Language through an African cultural perspective * English for academic purposes * English Studies: Exploring Reading and Meaning * Communication Context and Applications * Anthropological study of Culture in multicultural context * Introduction to Criminology * Basic Psychology * Welfare policy * Introduction to Social Work and Helping Second Year: * Community Psychology: Re-imaging communities * Research in Social Sciences * Personality Theories * Child and Adolescent Development * HIV Care and Counselling * Basic Measurement and Questionnaire Design * Adulthood and Maturity * Sexual Trauma * Marriage Guidance and Counselling * Counselling skills Third Year: * Victimology * Social Psychology * Abnormal Behaviour and Mental Health * Cognition: Thinking, Memory and Problem Solving * Psychological Research * Transformative Counselling Encounters * Community Psychology: Intervention Strategies * Social Case Work * Social Group Work * Community Work

Teaches: French, Psychology, Human Biology, English Language and Literature
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