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Kerry B


Kerry B

Capri, Cape Town

I graduated with my English and Philosophy Honours degree within 2018, achieving full academic colours. Prior to this, I graduated in Philosophy, English and Psychology, being placed on the Dean's List. I enjoy engaging with theory and I love encouraging conversations around critical thought, specifically within the world of literature. I have been within the teaching sphere since the age of 15, having worked with children and teenagers of all ages throughout the last ten years. Additionally, I held a tutoring position while at varsity in 2016, giving me high-level experience of teaching. Having worked both with individuals and with groups, I feel I have developed skills in holding a creative space; monitoring the learning process so as to develop the correct skills for analysis and writing; and mediating between both myself and my students, and amongst the students themselves. In terms of school-age student tutoring, I am particularly capable in the essay-writing sphere, and am predominantly interested in tutoring English. I would require information on my tutee's subject matter and syllabus, and would design their work around their particular school, work requirements, and skills and weaknesses. In terms of university, and/or other tutoring requirements, I am available for tutoring English and Philosophy, and for the teaching of English to older persons. I teach via Skype, and would be delighted to set up an initial Skype interview to see if we are a good match!

Teaches: Philosophy, History of Art, English Literature, Natural Sciences, History, Verbal Reasoning, English skills
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