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Marren M - Tutor in Bailey`s Muckleneuk

I am an energetic 2nd year BA Languages student. I enjoy helping people and love finding ways to help students enjoy the material. I am very studious and my academics will always come first. However, in my free time, I enjoy reading and hiking.

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Teaching places

My Home, Students Home, Public Place, and Online

Travelling distance

Marren will travel 10km from Bailey`s Muckleneuk, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Languages spoken

Marren speaks Spanish, Afrikaans, French, and English

2017-02-14 - 2019-10-14

Tutoring is my passion and I enjoy it thoroughly from private tutoring to tutoring though companies.

2014-08-10 - 2019-03-14
Sales Consultant

I worked as a part time sales consultant for a gem and mineral store. The job taught be patience as well as how to approach people in the right way. It was also extremely informative as I learnt about gems and minerals whilst working there.

2018-02-01 - 2019-10-14
BA Languages - University of Pretoria

Languages are my passion, for therefore I felt it’d be best situate to study languages. I take English, Spanish and French and plan on doing a double major in English and Spanish.

Subjects taught
  • English Literature

    I am currently in my second year of English literature. I have tutored many students in the subject and I also enjoy English thoroughly. I believe that any student can excel in the subject with the right tools.

    Marren teaches English Literature at High School, Primary School, University/College, and Adult level(s)

  • Math

    My most tutored subject is math. I am not necessarily a mathematically inclined person by nature, that is why I do so well in terms of tutoring as I find interesting and effective methods to teach the subject. Math requires practice and copious amounts of studying, and with the right tutor, I believe students can excel.

    Marren teaches Math at High School, Primary School, and University/College level(s)

  • Spanish

    I am in my second year of Spanish (intermediate level) and I plan to do my honors in the subject. Spanish is my absolute passion and I hope to be a Spanish translator in the future. I have tutored beginners as well as my class mates.

    Marren teaches Spanish at High School, Primary School, and University/College level(s)

  • French

    As a first year French student, I immediately started loving the language. I am excelling in the subject and tutor many students in it. Once the basics are learnt, it is very easy to go from there. In my tutoring, I focused on the fundamentals of the language to ensure the student would succeed.

    Marren teaches French at Primary School, University/College, and Adult level(s)

  • Business Studies

    Business was one of my favorite subjects in High School and I always loved the subject. I helped many students comprehend the work and also worked ahead to make sure I understood what I was tutoring.

    Marren teaches Business Studies at High School and Primary School level(s)