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Sadaf R - Tutor in Hatfield

My name is Sadaf, I am a second year Chemical engineering student. My main goal is to help others appreciate science and maths as much as I do. I myself struggled immensely as a high school student with maths and science which is why I know exactly where students go wrong when studying for these subjects. When someone chooses to study chemistry as a life long job, you best believe they love it. I want to transfer that love to you so that studying for chemistry will bring you happiness and not anxiety.

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Sadaf speaks Afrikaans and English

2018-10-03 - 2019-10-10
Asterhof house committee

I was the culture external, in charge of admin and creative tasks. We had the task of helping the fellow girls staying in the residence with all aspects they needed help with. As well as other administrative tasks around the residence.

2013-01-15 - 2017-11-30
National Senior Certificate - Cambridge Academy

Subjects taught
  • General Maths & Science

    I am studying engineering at university and I have enough knowledge to help high school students. I believe that the way maths was taught to me in high school, was a see this do this because it says so. But I want students to know why they are doing what they are doing. I want students to become curious and ask why?

    Sadaf teaches General Maths & Science at High School level(s)

  • Chemistry

    Because I am a chemical engineering student whose high school chemistry wasn't strong, which is why I know where students go wrong with concepts and method of studying. Teaching chemistry will make me happy, and being able to improve someone else's chemistry will bring me even happier. It will not be a difficult task since I have finished all my chemistry modules at university and know more than is required, if a student wants to learn more for interest sake or for getting ready for university I can help.

    Sadaf teaches Chemistry at High School and University/College level(s)