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Mitchel L - Tutor in Universiteits Oord

I attended high school at St. Benedict's College in Johannesburg were I was deputy head boy in 2014. I achieved an 84% average with distinctions in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Information Technology. I also participated in advanced program Mathematics and English which set me in good stead for university. I am currently in my second year at Stellenbosch University studying Chemical Engineering. Engineering has advanced on almost every aspect of the above mentioned subjects (besides for English) and I therefore have a very firm grasp on high school concepts and work.

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2016 - 2016
Other Mathematics - University of Stellenbosch

2016 - 2016
Other Chemical Engineering - University of Stellenbosch

2015 - 2015
Other Physics - University of Stellenbosch

2015 - 2015
Other Computing and ICT - University of Stellenbosch