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Kia C


Kia C

Senderwood, Germiston

I am currently a third year Social Work Student at the University of the Witwatersrand. My motivation to embark on my social work came from my interest in psychology and stemmed from my time during school where I joined the outreach team. I have always felt passionate about helping people in any way that I could and through my time with the outreach team I was exposed to many children much younger then myself as well as the same age and the horrific and the horrific and appalling conditions they were forced to grow up in. Having been exposed to the in comprehensive amounts of physical and emotional abuse these children have suffered, their neglect and abandonment and trauma have made me feel passionate about wanting to make a difference. It also peeked my interesting into the field of child social work. I strive to make a difference in the lives of young children as I believe every child deserves a chance at a life full of joy, love and protection. Through my social work journey I aim to acquire the skills and knowledge that enables me to one day, help save a vulnerable child’s life by placing him or her in a healthy environment where they are cared and protected for, as well as intertwining my ever growing interest and passion for psychology in my work by helping heal the scars of these vulnerable children’s pasts. I believe that I am a fun, kind and selfless individual with a deep passion for helping people and animals. As a student social worker I am open-minded, respectful and accepting, thus I am adaptive to the uniqueness of each persons differences and diversities. I believe that each of us radiate our own light and that we are filled with an abundance of unlimited potential, it takes one person to help you find the tools to unlock your potential and the benefits and rewards are infinite. I have previous tutoring and aupair experience. I am a flexible individual and I am able to adapt my teaching style to the needs and interests of each individual child that I meet. My interests include: ★Reading/Poetry ★Art ★Music ★Charity work ★Playing Guitar ★Indoor Netball

Teaches: Biology, English Language, History of Art, English skills, English Language and Literature
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