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Danét G - Tutor in New Redruth

I am a eager and enthusiastic person when it comes to learning. Currently studying a BA Linguistics at the University of Witwatersrand. I believe it is possible to learn anything and excel at it if you really want to and try hard enough, you just need to find your learning schema, coupled with the right habits and success will follow

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Danét will travel 8km from New Redruth, Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa

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Danét speaks English

2017-05-22 - 2017-11-30
PA assistant and Administrative Assistant

I worked as a PA assistant to the CEO of a company called Phela Wellness, spent most of my time on average, sorting and organizing files, documents, putting together member packs, brochures, helped set up events and meetings, handled all the bookings and personal errands of the CEO, as well as completed invoicing, and assisted the marketing department with managing their paperwork and documents as well

2017-11-30 - 2018-01-31

I worked as a travelling salesperson for a company called Oh Shweet! I worked a 07:00 to 19:00 day job, in which i traveled around Gauteng and even just outside to sell stock - that of which you find in supermarkets and garage's, we supplied these places as well as smaller corner shops. This position was as the middle man between retailers and wholesalers, delivering from wholesalers to retailers.

2018-11-30 - 2018-12-31

I worked as a salesperson in the perfumes and watched section at a store called The Outlet in Midrand, it was a tough job, having to be on your feet constantly from 09:00 to 18:00. i spoke to customers, helped them to choose their perfumes, and watches, fixed watches, restocked watches and perfumes and had to ensure my sections were cleaned every morning just before the store opened. But i thoroughly enjoyed it, i got to meet new people.

2019-04-30 - 2020-01-06

I started two businesses in the beauty industry, one which required a qualification. I am a qualified Beauty Therapist that specializes in hair removal - waxing, threading. I also make homemade sugar body scrubs I market myself on a monthly basis, online and through flyers at my University. Working either from home or mobile in areas close to me.

2018-01-01 - 2020-12-31
BA General - University of Witwatersrand

BA General Triple Majoring in Psychology, Sociology and Linguistics Go on to Postgraduate Honours and Masters in Linguistics

2019-06-01 - 2019-06-30
Beauty Therapist Qualification - Mustaab

I am now a qualified Beauty therapist that specializes in hair removal - waxing, threading

2012-01-09 - 2016-12-31
Matric Certificate - Bracken High School

Matric Certificate (please see results and certificate in documentation)

Subjects taught
  • History of Art

    Art was one of my subjects taken in highschool I excell at art theory especially. And can understand what is required to get 100% on even final exams - as I often did I received for 3 years in a row the certificate for highest marks in Visual arts With the Oosthuizen Trophy Award in my final Matric year

    Danét teaches History of Art at High School and Primary School level(s)

  • Psychology

    I am currently doing my 3rd year at the University of Witwatersrand Psychology is one of my taken subjects. Nothing below a 70% I understand the theory well. Have the materials, textbooks amd resources required to be able to tutor well.

    Danét teaches Psychology at High School, Primary School, and University/College level(s)

  • Biology

    Took biology in highschool. Found the subject fascinating so naturally did very well at it. Nothing below a A or a B. Also have great easy methods to understanding topics And tutored some of my fellow classmates who struggled with certain topics in the subject by adapting it to their learning style

    Danét teaches Biology at High School and Primary School level(s)

  • Geography

    Took geography in highschool for three years and was very interested in the subject. So I did very well at it. Both the theory and application And due to my ability to be able to make easy methods in studying the subject I tutored some of my fellow classmates in the subject, whom who struggled with certain topics. B student overall in the subject

    Danét teaches Geography at High School and Primary School level(s)

  • English

    I excelled at English in Primary school - an A student Was a B student in highschool and became really good at learning how to ace speeches especially I study linguistics- scientific study of language I read on average a book a week - as it is my hobby to read And I love poetry

    Danét teaches English at High School and Primary School level(s)