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Hulda B - Tutor in Rosettenville

I just completed my high school where I did physical sciences,life sciences ,accounting and business studies. I am good in languages ,have good public speaking and writing skills. I have a touch of tutoring,I understand people and interact in a way that enables them to understand me as well. In university I will be doing mining engineering and financial accounting. I am open minded and likes being knowledgeable and train people around me to do the unfeasible through knowledge

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Teaching places

My Home, Students Home, and Online

Languages spoken

Hulda speaks Portuguese, French, Zulu, and English

Experience / Education
Studied at forest high school completed in 2020 and did physical sciences,life sciences, accounting ,business studies ,mathematics,English,Zulu and life orientation
Subjects taught
  • French

    I am a native French speaker,speaking French to me is no longer considered as a way of communication but a custom. And customs are part of our identities so speaking French feels like relating and conveying my custom

    Hulda teaches French at High School, Primary School, University/College, and Adult level(s)

  • Accounting

    I was always first of my class in accounting and it is the course I will be specializing in and I have my little secret on how to master accounting as I teach the fundamentals in depth. I associate accounting with the basic everyday life for the students to be attracted to the subject

    Hulda teaches Accounting at High School and Primary School level(s)

  • Reading

    I am best for this subject because I was taught how to read when I was 6 and I grew fond of reading,it became my passion. I was instilled that reading was a key practice in the society. As I know the importance of reading and value it myself I transmit it to the students as well.

    Hulda teaches Reading at High School and Primary School level(s)

  • Natural Sciences

    I love science so I explain clearly without rushing nor going weary which gives learners a clear idea of what is taught and provides understanding. My skills and techniques help students comprehend without confusion

    Hulda teaches Natural Sciences at High School and Primary School level(s)