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Christine K - Tutor in Somerset West

Hi there, I am a South African female with various University Degrees. I lived in George for the past seven years where I was a Mental Health Counselor for FAMSA. I am now in Cape Town (Somerset West) since my husband's company moved us to Cape Town. I have the following degrees: BA Communications and Psychology BA Honours Psychology MSc Clinical Psychology I am currently busy with my Doctorate degree in Psychology and am busy with my thesis. Before counseling I was a recruitment consultant for fourteen years. During my recruitment and counseling years I was responsible now and again for teaching short courses. I am looking to tutor University Students or High School Students depending of the subjects. I am also very good with research and academic writing and am willing to help proof read Masters' theses. Christine Kolbe

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My Home, Students Home, and Online

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Christine will travel 30km from Somerset West, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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Christine speaks Afrikaans and English

2013-09-02 - 2019-10-31
Mental Health Counselor

- Rendering counseling services to clients of the local community for various issues including job losses, job interviews, labor relations, depression, trauma, divorce, abuse, rape, suicidal ideation, HIV/Aids, grief and bereavement, etc.; - Clients include teenagers, adult individuals, couples,and families; - Present Employee Wellness Programs as and when required; - Responsible for making referrals to psychiatric institutions for clients when necessary; - Case note completion as per requirements by the relevant governmental bodies; - Statistics completed on a monthly basis as required by the South African Government; - Teaching duties at FAMSA include leading and presenting courses to community members in terms of Mental Health, HIV/AIDS; Substance Abuse, and Ethics; - Ad-Hoc corporate work for research purposes that investigate links between absenteeism and employee wellness; - Provide training to other institutions on an ad-hoc basis in terms of psychotherapy, family therapy, etc., e.g. SANCA (Substance Abuse Center), Child Welfare, Options Clinic; - Participate in community programs with a strong focus on parenting programs delivered to the less fortunate; educating teenagers in terms of the consequences of substance abuse, and how their choices influence their future, etc. These community programs take place every two months either on a weekend, as well as during holidays where we deliver the program to the children at a camp site; - Deliver talks to FAMSA staff stationed at various clinics that deal with HIV positive patients. Involved in speaking to these employees about depression and how a medical diagnosis might impact one’s psychological well being;

2012-01-01 - 2014-01-01
MSc Clinical Psychology - Walden University

MSc Clinical Psychology Degree in Minneapolis, USA

2016-05-02 - 2021-01-29
PSY D degree in Clinical Psychology - California Southern University

Doctorate of Psychology - Clinical Psychology. Busy with my thesis at the moment.

2011-01-24 - 2012-11-29
Honours Degree - Psychology - UNISA

Honours Degree in Psychology - UNISA

Subjects taught
  • Psychology

    I am highly qualified in the field of Psychology. BA Degree Comm and Psych BA Honours Psychology MSc Clinical Psychology PsyD Clinical Psychology (6 months until completion). I have seven years experience in counseling adolescent and adult clients at a mental health agency and am therefor qualified to assist Psychology students.

    Christine teaches Psychology at University/College level(s)