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Caitlyn N - Tutor in Glen Austin AH

I am a science-lover with a fascination for learning new things. I love sharing knowledge and helping other people understand scientific concepts. I had the only life sciences distinction in my school in my Matric year (87%). I then also obtained 3 other distinctions (Afrikaans, English, and Life Orientation), with my remaining three subjects (Physics, Core Maths, and Information Technology) in the 70s. I am generally the person in my university modules who takes the lead in projects and ensures that everything runs according to plan. I'm particularly focused on helping fellow students understand concepts, and I'll often share learning material or easy ways to remember sections. Last year I completed my BSc Zoology degree at the University of Pretoria, and I'm currently working towards my BSc (Hons) Entomology degree. Next year I will be undertaking my Postgraduate Certificate in Education to teach high school life sciences.

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2015 - 2015
BSc Ecology and Environmental Biology - University of Pretoria

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