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Juliette M - Tutor in Hatfield

I am a forward thinking individual with a passion for teaching. I value fun, creativity and individuality as important aspects which should be the core of any learning activity. I love working with children and approach lessons with the necessary energy, positivity and care. I enjoy travelling and photography, and to inspire people to start living 'Outside the box' is one of my lifetime goals. I believe that with positivity and dedicated energy anything can be accomplished. I am always ready for new challenges and adventures, and always willing to go the extra mile. I am dedicated, meticulous and hard-working; always ensuring to give my very best in any situation.

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2018 - 2018
Bachelor's (other) Music Theory - University of Pretoria

2018 - 2018
Bachelor's (other) Music - University of Pretoria

2018 - 2018
Other French - University of Pretoria