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Maxine B - Tutor in Hout Bay Harbour

Dear student. My name is Maxine, but you can call me Max. I am here to show you that maths doesn't always have to be difficult to do or to understand. I absolutely Love maths and numbers and believe it or not, when you understand the concepts required to get through your exams, it may even become more enjoyable. Never knock it until you try it. So please, allow me to give you the chance to show you that maths can be exciting when understood and please allow me to help you in your journey to a better understanding of the subject and therefore better results in your exams and overall, your schooling career. I'm here to help you and to show you that maths does not need to be scary or daunting. I love to teach and hopefully you want to learn and therefore we'll make a great team. With a bit of time and patience, we can do this together. Thank you and hope to meet to soon.

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My Home, Students Home, Public Place, and Online

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Maxine will travel 25km from Hout Bay Harbour, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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Maxine speaks English

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2009 Matriculated from Rand Park High School with five distinctions including Mathematics 2010-2011 BScEng(Civil) 2011-2014 Sum-It-Up Education (Extra Mathematics Tutor for Grades 8-10; 3 students at one time) 2013-2014 Multiple Minds (Extra Mathematics Tutor for Grades 8-10; three students at one time and home calls with one student at a time) 2011-2014 Shuffle-Up Poker (Poker Dealer) 2014-2017 TSOGO SUN - Gold Reef City Casino (Casino Croupier/Dealer) 2017-2020 Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (Casino Croupier/Dealer) Present - Trifocus Fitness Academy - Studying Part-Time Online Course for Personal Training Certification and Diploma
Subjects taught
  • Mathematics

    I have loved maths from the beginning of my schooling career, I enjoy numbers, patterns and most of all logic. I have a great passion for teaching what I know and when it comes to mathematics, I could teach it all day everyday. My favourite part about tutoring however, is the look on a student's face when everything just "clicks" and "falls into place" and it no longer becomes a struggle but a proud achievement and the learner feels pride within themselves... This is priceless and if I am able to make this possible, then my day has been a successful one. I have a lot of patience and if I cannot teach a student one way, I will always find another way to teach that student because every student is different and you can never expect all students to learn at the same speed as another. Every student is unique and I am willing to take the time to find out what it is that makes that student understand in his or her own way. I like to be personable with each student and create a relationship with them so that they will trust me and therefore open up to me so that I may teach them in the best way possible. Maths is my Love and I only want to help students see what I see in numbers but most of all, I want to see a student do the beat that they can to get through their schooling careers. I have had a lots of experience in the tutoring field and I cannot wait to get started again.

    Maxine teaches Mathematics at High School level(s)