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Samantha A - Tutor in Bryanston

My name is Sam and I am a qualified Foundation phase teacher. I studied a BA and then found my passion in education which led me to complete a PGCE FP. I love working with children. Currently, I am a special needs tutor in the intermediate phase and work full time from 7:30am to 3:45 PM. Given the current world status, nd since schools have closed, I would like to peruse my passion online and help those that need help. I am compassionate, confident and caring.

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Samantha speaks English

2019-03-01 - 2020-03-18
Foundation Phase Teacher

In 2019, I taught in three schools, one being 2 weeks and the other 2 being a month each. I taught Grade 1 in each practical. This year (2020) I am a special needs tutor at a school in the Eastern Cape. It's a 7:30am to 3:45pm job so I work full time. Given the current world status, I am offering my services online. I believe that I am hard working, confident, compassionate and caring and will do my best to help those in this time in a sufficient and effective way.

2015-02-14 - 2018-11-21
BA psychology - St Stithians College

This was my first degree that I studied at Rhodes University. I took psychology because I am very interested in working with people, especially students in the Foundation phase (grades R to 3)

2019-02-14 - 2019-11-06
PGCE FP - Rhodes University

This is a Post Graduate Certificate in Education for the Foundation Phase. During this one year course, we took part in teaching practicals, of which one consisted of a 2 week introduction practical and the other two, a month long each where teaching was necessary

Subjects taught
  • Reading

    During my PGCE teaching practicals, I took part in teaching reading. This includes students getting into there respective ability groups. One by one each group would come to the carpet for reading time. Each group had a book that suited their ability level. One by one each student would read their book to the teacher (me). Duting this time in their reading groups they would also read out words you give them. If they get it wrong they get to keep the word and at the end they need to read the word again. Their was also story time at the end of the day. The teacher (me) would pick a story at the end of the day to read to the students. After the story had been read the teacher (me) would ask questions about what happened, the characters, and what they think is going to happen after the end etc.

    Samantha teaches Reading at Primary School level(s)

  • Writing

    I have experience in writing. I already have a years experience when it comes to teaching in the foundation phase and this includes writing. This experience took place during my PGCE. During our teaching practicals, we took part in teaching lessons. For me, a lot of my lessons were writing lessons. I believe that I am capable of teaching writing in a sufficient and effective way

    Samantha teaches Writing at Primary School level(s)