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Maele M - Tutor in Union

Senior product manager at FNB currently working as a Product Manager. I have a Bcom Degree in Statistics (North-West University), Postgraduate Diploma in General Management (GIBS Business School) and currently completing my MBA also with GIBS.

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Maele speaks Tswana

2008-03-03 -
Senior Manager

2017-11-01 - 2020-05-31
MBA - Gibs Business School


2005-01-02 - 2007-12-31
Bcom Statistics - North West University

Undergraduate Degree: Statistics & Economics

Subjects taught
  • Economics

    I studied Economics as early as high school. I also picked economics as my second major subject as part of the undergraduate degree. Part of my passion for this subject is based on how it can be applied in everyday life. My teaching approach will be make use of practical examples in order to enhance learning and understanding.

    Maele teaches Economics at University/College level(s)

  • Statistics

    I majored in Statistics as part of my university undergraduate degree. The concepts that I learned early on at university served me well both personal and professionally. My approach to tutoring this subject is to make use of examples that make the statistics concepts easier to understand.

    Maele teaches Statistics at University/College level(s)