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Sibongile M - Tutor in Noordwyk

l have 18 years experience in Human Resources where l acquired various core HR skills. My experience is complemented by my recent qualification in Bcom Industrial and Organizational Psychology. l believe that having gone through various organizations with different culture and dynamics I believe l have acquired extensive experience over the years that can be ported to this position,. I also believe that I have become an expert in HR functions and leadership. l have also obtained qualifications in employee Relations (NQF 4 & 6), Btech in Public Management and National Diploma in Public Management. l am confident that with the practical experience that l posses , l will be able to port knowledge and display leadership and guidance to the students. l am well vast with the labour laws that governs our field of work. Students become more engaged and motivated when directed and guided towards a clear career path and continued growth and development of which l believe l am capable to do that. At a personal level, l am proactive and go beyond the call of duty and have a strong sense of personal accountability. l will encourage closer working relations amongst students in order to achieve desired results and to rely on each other’s strengths. I am very trusting and believe in giving people benefit of a doubt, which they always take advantage of for their own selfish reasons. Over the years I have learnt that one need to leave a room for disappointment. People are loyal to themselves. People always distance themselves from an agreed decisions if they realize the decision will not be well received. My philosophy is that success is not a comfort zone we need to challenge ourselves.

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Sibongile speaks English and Tsonga

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Bcom Honours Organisational and Industrial Psychology UNISA 2018 one subject outstanding. BCom Organisational and Industrial Psychology UNISA 2017 Diploma customised for labour law employees (NQF 6) Da Vinci Institute 2015 Practical labour law (NQF 4): Bruniqel and Associates 2014 People Management GIBS: 2014 B-Tech Degree in Public Management: UNISA 2005 National Diploma in Public Management: Pretoria Technikon 2000 Public Personnel Management Certificate: Pretoria Technikon 1997 Matric: 1996 SABC HR Business Partner April 2006 to date Stats SA Assistant Director; HR Professional Planning November 2005 – March 2006 Eskom HR Practitioner August 2005 – October 2005 Department of Social Development Senior HR Practitioner December 2003 – July 2005 SAMDI (Palama) HR Practitioner May 2001 – November 2003
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  • Human Resources

    I have 18 years of experience in human resources where I was involved in all value chains of HR Functions. I have a practical experience of implementing HR Systems Model i.e Strategic Human Resources Management, Talent Management, HR Risk Management, Workforce Planning, Learning and Development, HR Service delivery, Employee Wellness, Employee Reward and Organisational Development. I am very passionate about human resources management as business cannot function without human resources.HR Plays integral role in the organisations as they have to balance the interest of employees and employers. I will add value to the students by ensuring that they understand both theoretical and practical world. Without the contributions of Human Resources, Organisations will be less successful. It is important that students understand that in the working environment their role will be diverse as it is expected of Human Resources to lead the debate. It is also important for students to understand that Human Resources strategy is not a natural cascading process and that there will be certain elements that will not be relevant to Human Resources and some will require Human Resources to spearhead those projects. Having experience in corporate world put me in a better position to be able to impart the experience to students for better understanding of their studies.

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