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Charne v


Charne v

Universitas, Bloemfontein

I am passionate about teaching because it is all about helping the learner to achieve his or her full potential. I’m always willing to assist and help in the specific learning area. Teaching English or Mathematics to young children can be challenging. It is very important to build your understanding of how young children learn. Talk to your students and encourage them. Building relationships is really important in the classroom. It will help provide a safe environment, which is essential for effective learning. Establishing this will mean you can watch children grow in confidence, and you should begin to notice that even the more your students are willingly want to go and try things out. They learn to trough their actions and exploration. Besides that, learners also learn through social interaction with other people. They build up their language through interaction with other learners. When you teach a new lesson, I will teach learners many different ways to engage with and absorb the content in different ways. I will incorporate more visuals to present the content in different ways, such as maps, pictures, drawings, objects, or videos. Students have to be motivated and interested in language, using meaningful and enjoyable activities where they need to use it to communicate, like classwork, games or songs. Groups of the same size don’t always work for all students; you have to divide them into smaller groups. Be mindful of and responsive to students with sensory and attention issues, and make changes to the learning environment to meet their need.

Teaches: Mathematics
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