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David M

Hout Bay

David M

Hout Bay, Cape Town

Since January 2017 , I have been working as an online and private mathematics tutor , teaching students mathematics grades 1-12 /IGCSE/ AS and A level and Calculus . In 2014, after I completed my Cambridge IGCSE and A level education and received my exemption certificate , I enrolled at the University of South Africa (UNISA). I am a UNISA BSC Mathematics student and I have obtained A* distinctions for Mathematics , Calculus A and Calculus B modules and examinations. I am excited , passionate and enthusiastic about teaching and mathematics. When I teach I focus completely on the student and client , their needs and provide assessments to find gaps in your understanding of your coursework.I use humor as a means to 'break the ice' and I work at the student's pace.I encourage the student to give their best while I give my best to assist the student and client. I am relaxed when I teach and provide a calm environment for the student to learn in . As a student , I understand the pressures we face while we study and feel a deep sense of achievement when I make a difference with teaching.As a teacher I am patient and I understand the stress that studying puts on us. When I teach , I utilize a whiteboard, books , drawings, notes and other tools to assist the student. I find the best method to ensure the student understands their work.I always discuss the work thoroughly with the student as I believe mathematics should be discussed in detail to ensure the student understands their work. I liaise directly with the student and client,provide feedback on lessons and try to teach mathematics in the most simple and easy to understand way.I understand the difficulties students face at school , especially when teachers rush students through the syllabus. It would be my pleasure to teach any student/person who needs assistance and I would appreciate your consideration.

Teaches: Mathematics Literacy, Pure Maths, Mathematics, Trigonometry, Calculus
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