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Rencia A - Tutor in Monte Vista

Since primary school I have always done well and received above 80% for my subjects. I was always top 3 in my class in prinary school and in High school I always made the top 20 out of the almost 200 people in our grade. In matric I received 5 desticntions and came 12th in my grade. I took English Home language as a subject and have a passion for it. I also have a degree in Biology which I did in Germany. Therefore my German skills are good (90% average, with being the nr 1 student in my grade for this language every year) and my Biology knowlegde is of course beyond sufficient. In 2020 I will be doing my Honours in Molecular Biology and am looking for a part time job in tutoring. I am available in the evening and on weekends. I can try to open up a afternoon if requested. I want to study to become a teacher after my Honours so this would be a perfect oppurtunity for me to get ahead of that as well.

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Rencia will travel 25km from Monte Vista, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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Rencia speaks Afrikaans, German, and English

Experience / Education
2015: Nutritional advisor at Absolute Pets 2016-2019: studied BSc Applied Biology at H-brs in Rheinbach,Germany 2018: German customer care consultant at Collinson. 2019: Junior research assistant for CLIME lab at Stellembosch University
Subjects taught
  • German

    I have German B1 level. I was the top student in my grade every year for german in Highschool with a 90% average and above. Ive done a 3 month exchange to germany in 11th grade and I studied and lived in Germany for 4 years during my undergraduate degree. After that I also worked as one of 3 German consultants at a call centre for airport lounge access. Here my duties included talking to Germans over the phone, as well as communicating with them via email.

    Rencia teaches German at High School level(s)

  • Biology

    I received my Bachelors degree in Applied Scienes in Germany and have extensive knowledge in most fields of science. I am currently a research assistant for Stellenbosch Univeristy where I work in a lab doing Tuberculosis Research. I am assisting with 12 ongoing studies. I have always loves Biology in Highschool and also got 80% and above. I am hoping to one day become a Biology teacher so I do have a passion for teaching others the fun in science.

    Rencia teaches Biology at University/College level(s)

  • English

    Since a young age I have loved reading and I have always been fast to pick up languages. I took english home language in Highschool and got a destinction for it in my Matric end exams. I love writing as well and will be able to assist with grammar.

    Rencia teaches English at High School level(s)