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I Digracious, I am currently a 3rd year student in BSC chemistry and microbiology. Specializing in natural science. I love my career. I am good in my choice of career, excellent expertise in area of maths and science I would love to assist students who are struggling with maths and science and would like willing to go extra mile for excellence.

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2018-02-02 - 2019-06-04
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2016-01-10 - 2019-11-30
BSC chemistry & microbiology - Unisa

I am completing this year my curriculum

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  • Chemistry

    I am good in chemistry, passionate and I can go extra mile for excellence. Chemistry it's matter and it's transformation. It's reality, it's an exciting subject in one of my curriculum and I have Excell through out my study program in Unisa. I wish to share my skills with others to succeed also. Thank you in advance

    Digracious teaches Chemistry at University/College level(s)