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Marina D - Tutor in Pretoria

I am passionate about Maths and Science. I am continuously fascinated by how these two disciplines have remarkably changed the world and how we see it today, the role they have played in evolution, technology and innovation. I come from a place that is faced with limited resources and capabilities. It is one of the areas that can be classified as previously disadvantaged riddled with crime and poverty but I choose to not become a victim of circumstances and take control of my future so that I can guarantee myself and the next generations a better tomorrow. As a result, over the past few years I have acquired skills including self-discipline, commitment and leadership that will enable me to succeed in life irregardless of my past. Life can be tough but it is what we make of it and why it is important to often remember that there is always a rainbow after the storm. I used tutor primary school kids in my area because it is my belief that talent and skills should be nurtured meanwhile one is still young and this also helps to keep them off the streets and interested in their school work. I my last year of University I used to volunteer in Science labs to assist the students with their practical work. I am currently doing my last year of Honors in Life Sciences with UNISA and would to give back and make change in our community by transferring my skills of Maths and Science through tutoring.

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Marina speaks Zulu, English, Southern Sotho, Northern Sotho, Tswana, Venda, and Tsonga

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  • Mathematics

    Because I love and enjoy Mathematics and I am good at it and I enjoy solving problems. I am passionate about numbers and enjoy doing calculations. I am driven and have a strong sense of perseverance, and these characteristics have and will lead me to succeed which is why I have no doubt in my mind that I will excel. I am more than ready to tackle this challenge like I have already conquered all challenges in my past – with a “can-do” attitude, teamwork and open-mindedness.

    Marina teaches Mathematics at High School level(s)