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Catrien P - Tutor in Mayberry Park

I am an experienced teacher in English and Mathematics. I have been teaching in classrooms for 26 years and also marked grade 12 Math papers for 8 years. It is time for something different now and I would like to try my hand at online teaching. Online teaching can be used at any time of day (or night) and can be from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

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Catrien speaks Afrikaans and English

1977 - 2019

1973- - 1976
BA with Maths and English as majors - University of Potchefstroom (North West)

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  • Mathematics

    In my 26 years of teaching I have taught grade 8 - 12 mathematics all grades repeatedly and have marked grade 12 papers for many years. I have done extra lessons more than I can count and am still doing so at present.

    Catrien teaches Mathematics at High School level(s)