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Belinda D - Tutor in Ronaldskloof Ext

Hi! My name is Belinda! I am 26 years old and I come from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. I have a Masters Degree in Ancient Cultures and I have a great passion for History and Geography. I can even teach you a bit of Latin! I also love the English language and I have 3 qualifications in teaching English as an addition language - so you can be sure that I am VERY familiar with the rules of the language! I taught English online for 2 and a half years while I was studying. I am also capable of helping learners studying First Additional Language Afrikaans. My favourite thing about teaching is getting to know my students and watching learn and grown in confidence as their learning abilities improve. I also like to make my lessons a little more interesting than your average school lesson, so be prepared for a ton of book and movie references (HUGE Harry Potter fan here)! I am always interested to hear about my students' opinions, their likes and dislikes, and I make a point of tailoring lessons to each student's specific interests and learning styles.

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Teaching places

Students Home, Public Place, and Online

Travelling distance

Belinda will travel 20km from Ronaldskloof Ext, Kloof, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Languages spoken

Belinda speaks Afrikaans and English

10/01/2016 - 10/31/2016

 Research and presentation of existing knowledge of the Out of Africa Theory  Research and presentation of existing knowledge of Ancient African Kingdoms (including, but not limited to, Nubia and Kush, Aksum, Mali, and Great Zimbabwe)  Fact-checking and cross-referencing  Reading and evaluating the usefulness of various academic articles and books  Applying relevant information to compose pitches for potential History Channel programs about the Out of Africa Theory and Ancient African Kingdoms  Citation and bibliography of source material using the Harvard Method  Proofreading and editing of pitches  (These pitches were sent to the London Headquarters of The History Channel, and to an international History conference in New York. The pitch focused on the Out of Africa Theory was approved and the program has commenced production as of April 2019)

03/01/2015 - 11/30/2017
Test and Exam Invigilator

 Announcement of test and exam conditions and regulations  Handing out of question papers and answer booklets  Handling queries from students regarding issues with the question paper  Monitoring of students during test/exam  Announcement of time remaining  Collection of tests/exams  Checking of student cards  Alphabetizing completed tests/exams for marking  Delivery of completed tests/exams to relevant lecturer/tutor

01/01/2019 - 06/14/2019
Business Support Manager

 Creating and updating job cards  Writing job specs  Advertising of vacancies on various online platforms and social media sites  Telephonic screening of candidates  Screening incoming phone-calls  Typing and editing CVs  Candidate searching on PNET and LinkedIn  Setting up internal interviews with candidates  Setting up external interviews between clients and candidates  Liaising with clients regarding feedback after external interviews  Conducting credit checks and criminal checks for candidates  Calling candidates’ references  Liaising between clients and candidates regarding the signing of Letters of Acceptance and Contracts  Compiling candidates’ personnel files  Invoicing  Photocopying and scanning  Email response  Filing  Meeting and greeting candidates being interviewed  Attending marketing meetings and giving input regarding monthly mailer content  Writing of mailer blurbs (Top Two Candidates of the Month, Testimonials, etc.)  Writing of the company blog  Maintaining company social media profiles  Stock-take and ordering of stationery on a monthly basis  General office administration

2015-05-29 - 2017-10-13
Online English Teaching Consultant

 Prepare questions and exercises on lesson material prior to classes  Teach 45 minute Junior classes of 1 – 6 children (aged 4 – 17)  Teach 45 minute Adult classes of 1 – 6 students 5  Instruct students to read/answer passages/questions  Transcribe all spoken English throughout the lesson  Correct pronunciation of words  Correct grammar of spoken or written sentences  Teach rules of English grammar and apply through various exercises  Help to improve student understanding and application of English by highlighting and correcting any mistakes  Impromptu questions to promote independent thinking in English  Role-play exercises  Ensure each student receives an equal portion of “talk-time” during the lesson  Give encouraging feedback and constructive criticism to students  Tailor one-on-one lessons to individual students  Report any in-session IT problems via the IT help link  Write reports and evaluate performance of each student within 24 hours of the end of the lesson  Conduct demo lessons with prospective students  Evaluate and report level of English for prospective students

01/01/2017 - 05/01/2017
CTBE - Global TEFL

40 Hour Course in Teaching Business English

11/01/2016 - 12/31/2016
TEYL Certificate - International TESOL-TEFL Training

40 Hour Course in Teaching English to Young Learners

05/01/2016 - 10/10/2016
TEFL Certificate - International TESOL-TEFL Training

120 Hour Course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

2016-01-20 - 2018-11-01
MA in Ancient Cultures - Stellenbosch University

I wrote my thesis on ghost stories in the ancient Roman world. I compared a selection of Latin texts about ghosts in order to identify differences and similarities in the words used to describe ghosts. This study was used to find out more information about the ancient Romans' beliefs about death and the afterlife.

01/01/2015 - 12/31/2015
BA Hons in Ancient Cultures - Stellenbosch University

I compared the Latin text, "Cupid and Psyche" with De Beaumont's "Beauty and the Beast" and Disney's animated film of the same name. My argument was that the similarities between them suggest that "Cupid and Psyche" could have been the original "Beauty and the Beast" story.

01/01/2012 - 12/31/2014
BA Humanities - Stellenbosch University

I majored in Ancient Cultures and Social Anthropology. I minored in Geography and Environmental Studies, and Dimensions of Historical Understanding.

Subjects taught
  • History

    I have a Master of Arts in Ancient Cultures and I graduated Cum Laude. History is my biggest passion. Although I focused on ancient history in my studies, I have a great love and knowledge of more contemporary history. I passed History with an A in Matric and I also completed a Metascience module in Dimensions of Historical Understanding at Stellenbosch University in 2014.

    Belinda teaches History at High School and Primary School level(s)

  • Geography

    I adore Geography! I minored in Geography and Environmental Studies at Stellenbosch University and I matriculated with 93% in the subject. I was within the top 1% of highest achievers taking Geography through IEB in 2011.

    Belinda teaches Geography at High School and Primary School level(s)

  • English

    I love English and everything to do with it - literature, poetry, grammar, you name it! I am TEFL-certified to teach both adults and young learners. I am also qualified to teach Business English to second-language speakers. Additionally, I passed English with an A in Matric, and I completed first year undergraduate English at Stellenbosch University. I won a Silver Award for the English Olympiad in 2009, and in that same year, I had an article published in Saltwater Girl Magazine.

    Belinda teaches English at High School, Primary School, University/College, and Adult level(s)