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Themba N - Tutor in Central

I am a young vibrant selfless individual who enjoys to assist and succeed in assisting others. I am born in Kroonstad the town in the Free State, matriculated and developed there. I started to enroll for Bachelors degree of Education (intermediate phase) on the year 2013 right after my matrick year, I started doing my observation's at Motswela Secondary in Mid-2014 where I started learning more about classroom environment. I then did my first teaching practical in Motswela secondary in 2015 all these as a student of the University of Free State. Late 2014 I was de-registered from the institution due to lack of financial stability for my fees. I then wen't back home for the year 2015 and in the late 2016 I enrolled with the University of South Africa to study bachelors of Education (Senior and FET phase) and I am currently on my third year level.

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Teaching places

Students Home, Public Place, and Online

Travelling distance

Themba will travel 250km from Central, Kroonstad, Free State, South Africa

Languages spoken

Themba speaks Zulu, English, Southern Sotho, and Tswana

2017 studied Bachelor's Degree of Education with University of South Africa (Unisa and still a student) Modules complete( BPT 1501, EDA201-w, EDA301-3, EDA305-8,EDAHOD-5,EDC101-5,EDT1602, FDEME3-L, EDT1601, EDT303Q, ENG1501, ETH305-V, ETH306-w, GGH1502, GGH2601, GGH21501, AFL1503) Module currently registered for in 2019 ( AFL1502,AFL2601, AFL2602, ENG1502, GGH2602, GGH2603, GGH2604, HSY 1511, HSY 1512 and PYC2605)
2016-07-10 - 2020-11-30
B.Ed. Senior and FET phase - University of South Africa

Currently on my first semester as the third year education student. The experience is inspiring and the atmosphere is productive, it is very progressive when I am able to identify my weakness and strengths, that on itself offers me a great opportunity to work on my weaknesses and sustain my strengths.

Subjects taught
  • Swimming Lessons

    I enjoy sports. Swimming is my favorite sports in the universe, I started discovering the love for swimming at the very young age, and never stopped loving it until today. I was inaugurated and still serves as the Sports and culture officer In Unisa Midlands RSRC. I was deployed by my students organization to this portfolio due to my love for Sports and my understanding of governance.

    Themba teaches Swimming Lessons at High School and Primary School level(s)

  • History

    I have never failed a subject or module of History, history is very close to my heart. I believe that histroy teachings is a very important aspect of societal development and communal development. In order for any community to develop that community needs to understand itself and its history. I favor and love history on this basis, that for one to make sense of who or what they are they need to understand their own history.

    Themba teaches History at High School, Primary School, and University/College level(s)

  • Geography

    I have been performing well with this subject in general and I am very passionate in teaching its content, it relates to my life choices and dreams. Geography is my love and my life. I love to interact with my learners on environmental issues and provide them with knowledge while at the same time instilling love in it as I believe that for one to succeed in anything they're doing, one have to be in love with it.

    Themba teaches Geography at High School, Primary School, and University/College level(s)