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Tarryn J - Tutor in Germiston

I am a Theatre and Performance studies graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand. I am passionate about writing, reading, art, music, theatre and dance. I have three years tutoring experience and love to share my knowledge with students. I believe that anyone can achieve their goals if they put in hard work and dedication. My purpose is to help you or your child reach their goals by setting realistic milestones and by working diligently together to improve their marks and their overall understanding of the subject.

Tutor basics
Teaching places

My Home, Students Home, Public Place, and Online

Travelling distance

Tarryn will travel 15km within Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa

Languages spoken

Tarryn speaks Afrikaans and English

2018-03-05 - 2018-10-31
Entertainment journalist

I wrote 10+ entertainment and tabloid-type articles for online publication per day. My duties included review writing, breaking news stories, celebrity news, political news, editing and other miscellaneous tasks.

2018-11-01 - 2020-07-31

My duties included content planning and management, CMS management, editing, content writing, copywriting for email campaigns, social media marketing and basic admin work.

2018-02-01 - 2021-11-30

I tutor high school level English and Afrikaans on a contract basis.

2019-02-02 - 2021-02-02
Masters by creative project and dissertation - University of the Witwatersrand

The purpose of my creative research has been to develop a sketchy set of scenes into a full one-act play. I hosted ten digital workshops over Zoom in 2020 with five performers and a director to improvise new material for the play. We are hoping to take the final version of the play to the Makhanda Arts Festival in 2021.

2014-02-10 - 2017-11-30
BADA - University of the Witwatersrand

I majored in Drama and Film studies, Writing and Design and Production.

2021-04-06 - 2022-02-02

I am currently studying towards a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education through STADIO online university.

Subjects taught
  • Afrikaans

    I achieved an 87% pass on my final Afrikaans exam in matric. I also speak Afrikaans as a second home language. I have three years tutoring experience in this subject, teaching students aged 12 to 17.

    Tarryn teaches Afrikaans at High School level(s)

  • English Language and Literature

    I have a Masters degree in Creative Writing from the University of the Witwatersrand and I have worked as a copywriter/ journalist for three years. My academic research paired with my professional experience makes me the ideal tutor for English language and literature as I am able to analyse and interpret poetry, prose, film and drama texts, as well as having a keen eye for grammar and spelling errors.

    Tarryn teaches English Language and Literature at University/College level(s)