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Ali H - Tutor in Lenasia

Hi. I am a second year student at wits, studying actuarial science. I find pleasure in teaching others to love and understand maths and accounting as I do. I firmly believe that education can get anyone out of their troubles and what better way to find fulfillment then to make someone else's life better. I look forward to working with you and helping u through this journey.

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Ali speaks English

2020-02-17 - 2020-11-20
Student at university of witwatersrand

I usually study from 8am till about 3pm I had tution classes from 3pm to 5pm or 6pm to 8pm depending on the students availability

2020-02-03 - 2020-11-27
First year of actuarial science - University of witwatersrand

I have completed my first year at the university of witwatersrand, studying actuarial science.

Subjects taught
  • Mathematics Literacy

    Mathematics literacy challenges one's understanding in everyday challenges that require mathematics to solve, enjoying maths and applying it to everyday life problems is a concept I find passion in. I am able to break down mathematical problems and explain thoroughly what each concept or question excepts of you in an attempt to get your distinction

    Ali teaches Mathematics Literacy at High School level(s)

  • Accounting

    I have achieved the highest accounting marks in my high school, I thoroughly enjoy the subject and believe that understanding is key. I am able to break down complex ideas into simple concepts that are easy to grasp and give you the edge in this subject, it is by far the easiest subject to get a distinction in and I am willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve that goal.

    Ali teaches Accounting at High School level(s)