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Maryce R - Tutor in Sonstraal Heights

I am a professional nurse that has spare time on my hands. I have always had a passion for teaching and would like to assist students of all ages in the subjects to achieve their required marks in the subjects they feel they need help in. During my studies at the University of Western Cape and University of Stellenbosch, I tutored graduate students in different subjects. Recently I wrote the medical entrance exam for medical school, and had to study all of the different science subjects. Mathematics Biology Physics Chemistry I will work according to your pace and provide additional material and questions to make sure you understand the concepts.

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Students Home and Online

Travelling distance

Maryce will travel 15km from Sonstraal Heights, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Languages spoken

Maryce speaks Afrikaans and English

02/06/2012 - 11/28/2014

Biology Basics of Nursing Physics Chemistry Basics Of Maths

01/16/2006 - 12/03/2010
Senior Certificate Grade 12 - DF Malan High School

Mathematics Afrikaans Home Language English First Additional Language Biology Science (Physics & Chemistry) Home economics Life Orientation

01/03/2011 - 12/11/2015
B.Cur Nursing (Hon) - University Western Cape

Subjects Major  Unit Management and Ethics.  General Nursing Science.  General Nursing Clinical Science.  Midwifery Nursing Science.  Midwifery Nursing Clinical Science.  Community Nursing Science - Primary Health Care & Child Health Care.  Community Nursing Clinical Science.  Psychiatric Nursing Science.  Psychiatric Nursing Clinical Science. Additional courses (2014):  HIV and AIDS counselling.  HPV Immunisation Programme - Department of Western Cape Grabouw Community Health Day Hospital.  Integrated Management of Childhood Illness - Department of Health.  Primary Care Management of Adults - HIV/AIDS, TB, Asthma/COPD, STIs, etc. - Department of Western Cape Grabouw Community Health Day Hospital.

01/09/2017 - 12/11/2018
PG Dip Addiction Care - University of Stellenbosch

Major Subjects:  Practices of Ethics and Law.  Introduction to Addiction Care.  Pathology of Addiction.  Addiction Behaviour in Special Groups.  Treatment Care in Special Groups.  Clinical Application in Addiction.

Subjects taught
  • English

    All around the world English has become the most spoken language to communicate in. It is crucial to understand the basics of the language and be able to write and speak English. All of my studies was conducted in English medium.

    Maryce teaches English at High School, Primary School, University/College, and Adult level(s)

  • Chemistry

    This subject goes on pair with physics, you have to able to grasp the concepts of general & organic chemistry to be able to pass science. This subject was part of all my studies while I was studying and have recently update my knowledge while I studied for the medical entrance exam.

    Maryce teaches Chemistry at High School level(s)

  • Physics

    During my undergraduate degree, I tutored for the first year students the basics of physics and recently had to study physics for the medical entrance exam. Physics is a subject that can be applied to everyday life and can be fun.

    Maryce teaches Physics at High School and Primary School level(s)

  • Biology

    I have a post graduate degree in the field of human biology as a nurse and a prospective medical student, If I dont know something I am willing to find out about it to allow me to teach the student about the topic and concept. I have previously tutored students in this field as well.

    Maryce teaches Biology at High School, Primary School, and University/College level(s)