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Robert A - Tutor in Knysna

Expect the unexpected- games, fun and exceptional teaching and explanation abilities. I know how to make learning faster and more entertaining. Over 8 years of experience teaching English in SA and abroad to all ages and all levels. Poetry, literature and grammar are my favourites but I do it all! I love the sharing process and am passionate about imparting my knowledge. Honours in English literature and highly enthusiastic.

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Robert speaks Italian and English

2005-01-15 - 2007-11-15
English Language teacher

Primarily group classes and some individual courses at PROLINGUA in Rome, Italy. Preparation of teaching materials (games, projects, flash cards, memory development and use of set syllabus with reading and teaching guides like English File), planning of courses according to student requirements (under guidance of the owner), mostly elementary and intermediate levels.

2001-02-01 - 2002-10-20
English Language Teacher

English Language teacher at Interman Business and Language School, groups and individual classes, 4-5 hours a day, teaching grammar, vocabulary, conversation to all ages and all levels, from elementary to business levels.

2008-01-15 - 2010-10-20
English Language teacher

Private at-home teaching to students in Rome, mostly individual and younger learners (aged 7 to 16), preparation of flash cards, games, interactive dialogue, and much more, including preparation for English exams and help with school syllabus projects and/or homework.

2003-01-15 - 2003-11-30

After finishing high-school at Michaelhouse I went on to graduate from UCT in 1999 with a BA in English Literature and Classics. In 2003 I completed my Honours in English Literature from WITS University.

Subjects taught
  • Italian

    After nearly 12 years living in Italy I speak perfect Italian and know the quickest way to show you just how easy it can be, from simple conversations to philosophy or even business. I also fully understand the Italian "way" and etiquette.

    Robert teaches Italian at High School, Primary School, and Adult level(s)

  • English Language and Literature

    Words are our greatest gift. When we learn to use and interpret them effectively a whole new world opens up to us. For business, self esteem, understanding the world, social situations- I can show you the power of language and how to use words to your advantage. I can help you to appreciate words in any context from business to the "language of love"!

    Robert teaches English Language and Literature at High School, Primary School, University/College, and Adult level(s)