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Cristina D - Tutor in Cape Town City Centre

Dear Students, Let me begin by saying, I believe in the power of education. I believe in learning and challenge. I believe in educators and I believe in students. My name is Cristina and I am an educational psychologist I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to share my native language to the students! The teaching industry can be one that is met with quite a lot of challenge, equally masked with immense feelings of under-appreciation and overworked burdens., However, I consider myself very, very lucky. I find the teaching as a hobby , a dream, where I truly have seen my heart grow immensely over the past years, pouring everything I have and more into the lives of every single individual who has walked through the doors. And while I have always display a careful approach to all the different areas I have worked in ( yes I have many!) my role as educator and all of them that are close to education has meant so, SO much to my heart. I hope you learn with me, moreover that you get a beautiful learning experience and thats my most ultimate goal. Sincerely, Cristina

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Cristina speaks Spanish and English

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I am an educational psychology, currently living in Spain. I have been in that field for over 5 years. I have experience in teaching the language as a private teacher for mostly young adults, school levels and also for people wanting to learn the language as a hobby! I studied psychology, I have a Masters Degree and at the moment I am also a designer.
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  • Spanish

    I am a native Spanish speaker, wanting to teach, I think I can be a good candidate for it because I believe in the power of people in learning. Whoever you are, reading this post, I hope it leaves you with this: you matter. Your voice matters. You have a purpose and it is immensely good. So have passions and interests, and stay immensely interested in the things that make your heart beat. Encourage. Encourage others as much as you can. Speak up, your voice matters and cares for good. Live intentionally, live with purpose, and believe in the impact that you are worthy of creating. Creating, communicating trough languages its the most powerful thing you can get.

    Cristina teaches Spanish at High School, Primary School, University/College, and Adult level(s)