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Daphne H - Tutor in Marais Steyn Park

I believe that education is a key necessity in the 21st century, hence why I enjoy learning so much. However, I want to encourage others to learn through effective.pedagogical practices and create a meaningful learning experience. I believe that individuals with access to good quality education would be likely to achieve great success in the future. I am a huge believer in building a relationship between teachers and students as both are collegially working towards enhancing the learning of a student. I aim to provide a safe and supportive environment where my students are comfortable engaging in discussions and expressing their opinions. My goal is to initiate an interest in learning in the student's mindset and to associate positivity with learning.

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Daphne speaks English

2014-2015 Studied high school in Johannesburg, private school 2016-2019 Started high school in Macau and graduated with my diploma. During my time in high school, I started group tutoring my fellow classmates and schoolmates in English focusing on language, grammar and literacy skills. I am currently doing a Bachelor of Economics at the University of Macau but still residing in Johannesburg
2019-08-12 - 2023-12-31
Bachelor of Economics - University of Macau

Major: Economics Modules include political theory, economics, maths, academic English, Portuguese, physical education

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  • English Language and Literature

    As someone who grew up speaking English and Chinese, I have found English as an important tool to communicate with others around the world. I have international experience in teaching English as I completed high school at an international school but grew up in South Africa. I enjoy learning about English especially language-rich texts as I believe this is how we improve our own knowledge and step into another world. My sister is an English pre-service teacher and she has definitely influenced me in capturing the essence and beauty of the English language

    Daphne teaches English Language and Literature at High School level(s)