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Charles G - Tutor in Langenhoven Park

My name is Charles Greef . I am a 56 year old practising Pharmacist with Bachelor degrees in Administration (B.Admin) Business Administration (BBA) and an Honours degree in Business Management (Hons. B.Com) all achieved through the University of South Africa. I am currently in the process of completing third year modules in the degree B.Com Public Procurement Management through UNISA. My passion is being of assistance to other students who are willing to make the self sacrifice required to embark on the journey of self development and improvement in order to contribute in making South Africa more competitive in the International arena of efficient resource utilisation.

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Charles speaks English

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I have been a student at UNISA since 1999 and am still currently enrolled as a student. Completed B.Pharm degree at University of Western Cape in 1986 and have been employed as a Pharmacist in the Civil Service for more than 25 years. Worked overseas as an Expatriate Pharmacist in the Middle East for 7 years from 2001 to 2003 and 2006 to 2011. Presently employed as a Deputy Manager Pharmaceutical Services in the Department of Health.
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  • Business Studies

    Honours Degree in Business Management as well as various undergraduate course in business management . Extensive work experience and passion for pursuit of academic excellence. Excellent interpersonal skills and cross cultural literacy and appreciation of diverse backgrounds of student population in South Africa. Being from a previously disadvantaged background I have a particular interest in assisting people who are facing the samme challenges in life.

    Charles teaches Business Studies at University/College level(s)