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Abigail S - Tutor in Faerie Glen

I am an extrovert and hence get most of my energy from interacting and being around people: new, old, young, whomever. I am currently studying BCom Accounting at The University of the Witswatersrand and am hoping to transfer next year to BAccounting Sciences so that I can pursue my career and dream as a Chartered Accountant. I went to St Mary's DSG in Pretoria and matriculated with 6 distinctions in: Accounting, English, Afrikaans, Life Orientation, History and Drama. I would love to use the knowledge I acquired in school and the knowledge I am continuing to acquire at university to benefit students who are not only trying to pass school but are trying to pass with the best marks! I believe in fundamentals and will focus on building a rock solid foundation before building the house.

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Teaching places

My Home, Students Home, Public Place, and Online

Travelling distance

Abigail will travel 25km from Faerie Glen, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Languages spoken

Abigail speaks English

2020-02-01 - 2023-12-30
Currently a student

During the day I am a full-time student studying at Wits. I currently still live in Pretoria and most of my days end around 11:00 so I will still be able to tutor in Pretoria.

2020-02-01 - 2023-12-30
BCom General - Wits

Currently studying at Wits

2007-01-01 - 2019-11-28
BA NSC Certificate - St Mary's Diocesan School for Girls, Pretoria

Matriculated from St Mary's DSG with 6 distinctions and as Vice-Head Girl.

Subjects taught
  • History

    The key to history is understanding it like a story. If a student can understand the events then writing essays and completing assignments are just a small obstacle to tackle instead of a giant mountain. I would be able to teach this story in the most simple way.

    Abigail teaches History at High School and Primary School level(s)

  • Afrikaans

    I am not an Afrikaans speaker but managed to get a distinction for the subject. Through the ability of breaking down questions that are frequently asked in exams and tests as well as explaining literature and poetry, I would be able to make the language easy to tackle and comprehend. I also have many resources which I used to learn the language that I would be more than willing to pass on and use with the learners I am teaching.

    Abigail teaches Afrikaans at High School and Primary School level(s)

  • Accountancy

    I really love accounting and am even studying it this year! I was taught in a way that helped me understand Accounting so easily and would be able to pass on these methods that I have been taught to help others understand! I think an accounting teacher requires patience and the ability to explain effectively. I think I have both of these. You will not go home with questions unanswered or something you do not understand!

    Abigail teaches Accountancy at High School level(s)

  • English Language and Literature

    I believe the key to English is the fundamentals and understanding basic language and literature rules. I was fortunate enough to have an amazing English in High School who taught me all of these skills of which I would now like to pass on and help another student learn.

    Abigail teaches English Language and Literature at High School and Primary School level(s)