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Nokulunga M - Tutor in Durban Central

I am always enthusiastic to Learning new skills. Although i must add that some times learning new skill may require you to move out of your comfort zone however, due to the fact that i strive to be better, i see every new skill as an opportunity to attain excellence hence i give it my best shot,i am comfortable to learning new skills. I learn from everyone. As a web to knowledge, i strongly believe no one is an island so i learn from everyone especially those before me. However, in a case where i have no one to look upto, i read lot of related books and also watch videos on You-tube. Then i try to replicate what i have seen. Most times i fail many times but my acronym for FAIL to me is,'first attempt in learning''. With this at the back of my mind, I get the right push and motivation to perfect the task at hand. To drive my point home, my first job here in Durban was like being thrown into a river and i had to swim without prior knowledge. I got a job as the assistant manager at Stressless Communication (PTY) LTD little did i know there was no structure in place and the owner had no clue on how to run his business. I had to work as the manager, mail dispatcher, media and advertising officer, financial consultant and personal assistant too. The little time i spent there, I doubled the financial turn-over and began giving weekly and monthly stock and financial reports to my boss. In a nutshell i gave the company a lift, restructured it and most importantly left a mark. This i achieved by sheer determination, hard working, being meticulous to details and passion of the job i do

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Nokulunga will travel 200km from Durban Central, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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Nokulunga speaks English

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2015-2018 I studied Bcom accounting at University of Zululand
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  • Financial Accounting

    I love numbers and working with problem solving, guided by principles and standards that give direction to reaching conclusions. I love accounting so much thar I give it my best attention During my undergraduate studies I experienced a lot of challenges in this module or subject to a point that I pledged to assist those who might be where I was to make their journey in achieving their desired career bearable A shared difficulty is a halved problem. We all deserve an extra hand where we are not too strong.

    Nokulunga teaches Financial Accounting at High School and University/College level(s)